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YNH Property BHD Minority Shareholders Defrauded

YNH Property Bhd minority shareholders face deceit as controlling shareholders execute fraudulent transactions with the YU Syndicate. Unravel the complex web of related-party dealings and their impact on shareholders' value.

RM Billions Evaporate for imaginary YNH Property business deals

Discover how the YU Syndicate, led by YU KUAN CHON and YU KUAN HUAT, allegedly uses YNH Property and Rapid Synergy to create imaginary business deals, defrauding minority shareholders and lenders with their long-term deceptive practices.

Malaysian economy relatively resilient in 2023, says ICAEW

PETALING JAYA: The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales forecasts a bleak start for Asian economies in 2023. But it...