Bursa Malaysia announces 21 additions to F4GBM index constituents

KUALA LUMPUR: The FTSE4Good Bursa Malaysia (F4GBM) Index and the FTSE4Good Bursa Malaysia Shariah (F4GBMS) Index now has 98 constituents overall. After 21 fresh additions were announced by Bursa Malaysia Bhd.

The 24 elements of the F4GBM Index, debuted in December 2014. Measure the performance of publicly traded businesses that exhibit sound environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles.

The bourse said in a statement today that for the most recent review period of December 2022. There are 21 new additions to and 10 deletions from the F4GBM Index components, bringing the total to 98. This continues the index’s trend of year-over-year growth since its debut in 2014.

Separately, the F4GBMS Index will have 79 constituents as a result of the 21 new additions and seven cancellations.

It said, “All constituent changes will become effective on December 19 at the start of business.

The firms that make up the FTSE Bursa Malaysia EMAS Index. Which includes PLCs from the small, medium, and large market capitalization groups, are what make up the F4GBM Index.

On the other side, the F4GBMS Index, which debuted in July 2021 with 54 constituents is intended to track F4GBM constituents. They are shariah-compliant in accordance with the screening technique used by the Shariah Advisory Council. In June and December of each year, both indices compare to global benchmarks.

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