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Lee Swee Eng: KNM Group CEO Implicated in 2013 Offshore Leaks Scandal

The 2013 ICIJ Offshore Leaks investigation revealed KNM Group CEO Lee Swee Eng's involvement in offshore financial activities. This exposé, part of a larger revelation of 130,000 offshore accounts across 170 countries, led to worldwide investigations and policy changes aimed at combating tax evasion and increasing financial transparency.
Pictured are Gan Siew Liat, KNM Group Bhd Executive Director (Left) and Lee Swee Eng Director and Chief Executive Officer (right)

KNM Group Directors Linked to Deutsche Bank Money Laundering Scandal via Offshore Leaks

The ICIJ Offshore Leaks Database suggests KNM Group Bhd directors, including Lee Swee Eng and Gan Siew Liat, were secret owners of offshore companies linked to Deutsche Bank's subsidiary REGULA LIMITED. This connection raises questions about potential involvement in the ongoing Deutsche Bank money laundering investigation.